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Lexus Technology

Each of our Lexus cars packs a wide range of technological advancements in design, economy, luxury and performance. A market leader in Hybrid technology and a brand dedicated to excellence, Lexus vehicles open up a whole new world of luxury ready to be discovered.

With over 25 years of experience in luxury and performance, Lexus is Japans leading premium car brand. Through the Lexus network, we are proud to educate our customers on the benefits of buying and driving a Lexus.

The innovation behind Lexus vehicles comes from our core ‘yet’ philosophy, which means that we don’t compromise on what are traditionally opposing factors. For example, all of our vehicles are high performance, yet fuel-efficient. They are full of innovative technology, yet simple to use. It is this ‘yet’ thinking that has allowed us to create beautiful vehicles that speak to the heart of all consumers desires.

With a brand as powerful and striking as Lexus, is dedicated to ensuring that all of our showrooms and services match up to the state-of-the-art technology in the vehicles. That is why at each of Lexus dealers you will be treated to a first-class service with digital systems that make purchasing and servicing your Lexus easy.

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