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Service Plans & Warranty Options

When you buy a new Lexus you are not just buying a car, you are buying a whole package of services and support that are with you for the duration of your Lexus’ life. With competitive warranty options and various Distance Plans, our customised service plans for Lexus cars; we will help you tailor a package that suits your driving needs.

The Lexus Warranty

We have 6th year/unlimited mileage and 8th year/unlimited mileage. For hybrid vehicles 10th year/unlimited mileage.

Out of standard plan vehicle (Pre-owned), vehicle should be less than 7 years/180 000kms for warranty to be legible.


If you are purchasing a Lexus Pre Owned vehicle you can also take a warranty for additional peace of mind. This plan is for 2 years or 250 000km whichever comes first.

If you are purchasing a Lexus Hybrid, then our state-of-the art Hybrid batteries are also covered by the Lexus warranty for a minimum of 4 years / 100 000km up to 10 years / 195 000km depending on the policy and vehicle you purchase.

The full detail is outlined in our policy document, so do read it carefully to find out exactly what is covered by our warranty. In addition there is a 6-year corrosion cover that may arise as a defect in material or manufacturing.

Talk to one of our expert team for more information.

The Lexus Distance Plan

The Lexus Distance Plan options are variations on our service plan that comes standard with each new Lexus. Each service plan comes with it’s own features and can be extended from the standard 4 years / 100 000km as required to suit your needs. Each vehicle comes with it’s own servicing requirements and plans as standard so please look at the information on the specifications or talk to our team at your nearest CFAO Lexus dealer.

Each plan is a combination of the following options:

Distance Plan

Distance Plan Plus

Distance Plan Complete

Courtesy Car

If you have taken the Courtesy Car cover when you purchased your Lexus then you are entitled to a hire car while your vehicle is being repaired.

Most new models from 2019 have a full maintenance plan(Distance plan complete) for 7 years/105 000kms. Older models from 2018 going back most have 7 year/100 000km distance plan plus and 6 year/100 000kms distance plan plus depends on the model code.

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