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Each of our Lexus cars packs a wide range of technological advancements in design, economy, luxury and performance. A market leader in Hybrid technology and a brand dedicated to excellence, Lexus vehicles open up a whole new world of luxury ready to be discovered.

With over 25 years of experience in luxury and performance, Lexus is Japans leading premium car brand. Through the Lexus network, we are proud to educate our customers on the benefits of buying and driving a Lexus.

The innovation behind Lexus vehicles comes from our core ‘yet’ philosophy, which means that we don’t compromise on what are traditionally opposing factors. For example, all of our vehicles are high performance, yet fuel-efficient. They are full of innovative technology, yet simple to use. It is this ‘yet’ thinking that has allowed us to create beautiful vehicles that speak to the heart of all consumers desires.

With a brand as powerful and striking as Lexus, is dedicated to ensuring that all of our showrooms and services match up to the state-of-the-art technology in the vehicles. That is why at each of Lexus dealers you will be treated to a first-class service with digital systems that make purchasing and servicing your Lexus easy.

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Lexus is finding better, more efficient ways to contribute to a healthier planet, leading the industry in better business practices. Our commitment to recovering, recycling and re-using has permeated the entire company. Sustainability is an enormous challenge that we’ve taken on, and in that arena we lead the industry.

Our recycling technology is being continually improved and we are on target to achieve a 95% recovery rate of our vehicles by 2015. To reduce waste to a minimum, we recycle everything – in our offices, our factories and our sales facilities – reducing CO2 levels beyond our achievements on the road.

At Lexus, we consider the recycling factor throughout the entire life cycle of a vehicle – from production through to the end-of-life stage.

Examples of the measures we take into account:

  • Repeatedly use reusable items
  • Reduce waste generation
  • Recycle waste

To make more effective use of limited resources, we feed these results back into the vehicle development and design stages to create ever-more recycling-optimised vehicles.


These materials have been drastically reduced and we are re-using items more and more where practicable, such as making wider use of returnable shipping containers.

Lexus is further reducing CO2 emissions by making wider use of plant-derived plastics in its products to replace petroleum-derived plastics.

We promote resource loss reduction activities to cut waste from factories. In particular, we are tackling yield improvements and waste reduction to steadily cut down on the amount of waste output.


To reduce overall water usage, we are constantly improving water use efficiencies throughout our production facilities – with particular attention paid to water management in vehicle assembly plants, which are typically high-usage facilities.


Lexus Luxury Cars



When you take the wheel of a Lexus Hybrid, you take hold of four-generations of eco-friendly innovation. Each self-charging Lexus Hybrid is mindfully designed to move between the strength of electric and the power of petrol, without compromising on speed or agility. Every model offers increased fuel-efficiency, unparalleled luxury and exceptional performance, while reducing your impact on the environment. Step into a Lexus Hybrid and experience a new kind of amazing.


Lexus offers the widest range of luxury self-charging hybrids. Whether you’re looking for a striking SUV or a dynamic sedan, Lexus holds the keys to an out of this world experience.



It’s an advantage you’ll feel in an instant. With a firm press of the accelerator, the powerful electric motors combine with the petrol engine to deliver immediate torque and seamless acceleration off the line. When starting from a stop under normal conditions, only the electric drive is used for light acceleration, resulting in a gentle, silent takeoff and enhanced efficiency.


Exceptional kilometres per litre estimates are yet another benefit of Lexus Hybrid Drive. Unlike conventional vehicles, which are optimised primarily for cruising, Lexus hybrids offer impressive fuel efficiency in all driving conditions. Whether in city traffic or on the highway, the system optimises output from the electric motor and petrol engine, allocating power to the drive wheels as well as to an electric generator. As a result, you won’t just enjoy a smoother and quieter ride, you’ll enjoy it over many more kilometres on a single tank of fuel.


Welcome to the power of two. During initial takeoff from a stop, the high output battery alone provides power to the electric drive. As speed increases, the potent petrol engine is engaged. And, when extra acceleration is desired, power output from both sources is optimised to deliver an even greater boost. Working in tandem with the Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission, the result is powerful acceleration without the jarring shift points experienced in a conventional vehicle.


Instantaneous response and exceptional efficiency are only two of the many benefits of the electric power source under the hood. It also charges itself. During braking, the Lexus Hybrid Drive system suspends its delivery of drive power and begins generating electricity. Thanks to this highly effective regenerative braking system, kinetic energy usually lost during braking is instead converted to electricity and sent back to the battery.


Unlike traditional petrol engines, which must idle and consume fuel even at a standstill, a Lexus Hybrid switches off its petrol engine when decelerating and at a stop, saving fuel and minimising emissions. The electric motor remains ready and available for immediate takeoff.

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Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid technology leaves a lighter footprint on the environment and on your wallet.


Our self-charging hybrid systems are eco-friendly and produce zero emissions when in Electric Vehicle Mode.


Every time a Lexus Hybrid uses the electric motor it limits petrol usage, which lessens petrol costs. Additionally, the cost of replacing parts is reduced as Lexus Hybrids produce less wear and tear of brake pads and tyres, resulting in further savings.


Our self-charging system means that you’ll never have to connect a Lexus Hybrid to a power socket. They are always ready to drive – no plugs, no diesel, no compromise.


Auto-transmissions between the electric motor and the petrol engine ensure an easier and smoother driving experience.

Lexus Design

Lexus vehicles are created with a masterful skill and attention to detail inspired as much by traditional artisanship as by state-of-the-art engineering. This pursuit of perfection is evident at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Visually, you can recognise a Lexus by its unique styling, born of our design language called L-finesse. By finely balancing the two concepts of "leading edge" and "finesse," L-finesse helps assure that Lexus vehicles are not only captivating and luxurious, but also highly refined. Three principles govern the L-finesse philosophy.

Seamless Anticipation - Anticipating the customer's needs and desires is central to Lexus, and to the Japanese spirit of hospitality. By integrating anticipation into design, forms that go beyond three dimensions are created, resulting in unique and personal experiences for all our customers.

Incisive Simplicity - The simplicity of Lexus lies not in mere reduction of form. The removal of extraneous elements reveals the purity and beauty that is condensed within the structure and surface of the vehicle.

Intriguing Elegance - Lexus elegance reveals itself through careful juxtaposition of opposing elements. The result is an experience filled with fascinating depth that appeals to the senses through a profound and mysterious beauty.

Lexus Luxury Cars

Lexus Safety


Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management or VDIM is the merging of previously used technologies like ABS and Traction Control into one seamless system that enable continuous driving while reducing impacts and skidding in our Lexus vehicles.

VDIM combines:

  • ABS
  • Brake Assist
  • Traction Control
  • Vehicle Stability Control system

Along with other features like the power steering, adaptive variable suspension and variable gear ratio steering. This means that your Lexus will handle better in conditions that more commonly cause accidents, such as wet roads.

Pre-Crash System

The Lexus pre-crash system intelligently works out if there are potential upcoming collisions and warns the driver. If the brakes are applied the vehicle will assist with the braking to reduce or avoid the collision. If no brakes are applied and collision is unavoidable, the vehicle will do the braking for the driver.

Driver Assist

The Driver Assist package is an addition to the VDIM that comes standard with a large number of the Lexus vehicles. This package includes:

  • Lane Change Assist
  • Blind Spot Assist
  • Back Guide Monitor
  • Tyre Pressure Monitor
  • Hill assist control

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control or Dynamic Cruise Control from Lexus is a feature in the newer models that allows cruise control to be set, but a safe distance maintained between vehicles in front. It also allows for speed changes and easy overrides based on the drivers needs

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